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When embarking on this inspired venture to produce a Strictly Unedited and Just like the Originals Book by MacDonald, sourcing the materials to make an original-look-alike, antiquarian Edition both inside and outside the book was challenging. To find a cover material with the added 'silk design' embossed to the cotton cloth and the same 'water proof' coating the original volumes had was a miracle. We were very fortunate to source some of the same 100+ year old processing materials that the originals were constructed of since this kind of bookmaking is an 'old world art' of bygone years.
It's been said: our 'hand-made-style' makes sense when both the inside and outside cohesively blend, offering the reader 'new' books with the same 'old world' techniques, rich with beauty and art, such highlights to mention a few: gold gilt stamped covers, original 4 color printed plates and black and white line art replicated on our Heidelberg press and tredle machine sewn signatures (using thick cotton thread) which gives that wonderful, layflat open book. Our MacDonald Original Editions are reprinted and bound using high end equipment of it's day (1950-1970) with quality materials, sparing no expense or hands-on labor.

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George MacDonald : List of Original Titles, Strictly UnEdited:

WHATS MINES MINE $50.00 (sorry, currently out of stock)
A ROUGH SHAKING $50 with Black &White Illustrations.
THERE AND BACK (sorry, currently out of stock)
DONAL GRANT (sorry, currently out of stock)
CASTLE WARLOCK (sorry, currently out of stock)

AT THE BACK OF THE NORTH WIND (sorry, currently out of stock) with Colour Plate Illustrations by Frank C. Papé
Sample art
PAUL FABER, SURGEON $50.00 (sorry, currently out of stock)
HOME AGAIN/THE ELECT LADY-a duplex, $50.00

RANALD BANNERMAN'S BOYHOOD $50.00 with Colour Plate Illustrations by A. V. Wheelhouse
THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN $50.00 with Colour Plate Illustrations by Helen Stratton
THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE $50.00 with Colour Plate Illustrations by Helen Stratton
THE LIGHT PRINCESS AND OTHER FAIRY TALES $50.00 with Black & White Illustrations by Maud Humphrey
Other Fairy Tales includes:
The Giant's Heart, The Shadows, Cross Purposes, The Golden Key, The Carasoyn and Little Daylight
B&W Illustrations by Maud Humphrey
The Light Princess Sample Reading
THE WISE WOMAN/GUTTA PERCHA WILLIE-a duplex, $50.00 with Black & White Illustrations by Arthur Hughes

PHANTASTES $50.00 with Black & White Illustrations by Arthur Hughes
Phantastes Sample Reading
LILITH A-Original Manuscript / and LILITH 1896 Published Edition-a duplex, $50.00
Lilith A Sample Reading
ADELA CATHCART-Reprint of the First Edition $50.00
Stories in Adela Cathcart include:The Light Princess, The Bell aka The Wow O' Riven, The Schoolmaster's Story, The Shadows, The Broken Swords, My Uncle Peter, The Cruel Painter, The Giant's Heart, The Castle and The Two Gordons.
Other Stories includes: The Cruel Painter, The Castle, The Wow O' Riven aka The Bell, The Broken Swords, The Gray Wolf and Uncle Cornelius: His Story
Other Tales includes: The Gifts of the Child Christ, The History of Photogen and Nycteris aka The Day-Boy and the Night-Girl, The Butcher's Bills, Port in a Storm and If I Had a Father

ANNALS OF A QUIET NEIGHBOURHOOD (sorry, currently out of stock)
MALCOLM (sorry, currently out of stock)
RAMPOLLI $50.00 includes Diary of an Old Soul

HOPE OF THE GOSPEL/MIRACLES OF OUR LORD-a duplex, (sorry, currently out of stock)
THE TRAGEDIE OF HAMLET (sorry, currently out of stock)

WEIGHED AND WANTING (sorry, currently out of stock)

UNSPOKEN SERMONS-Series I, II, III in one volume $50.00, (sorry, currently out of stock)
WILFRID CUMBERMEDE $50.00 (sorry, currently out of stock)
ST. GEORGE AND ST. MICHAEL (sorry, currently out of stock)
POETICAL WORKS-Vol.1- $50.00
POETICAL WORKS-Vol. 2- (sorry, currently out of stock)

10% Discount when purchasing ALL 48 Titles (44Volumes) of our
George MacDonald Complete Original Works!
All 48 Titles in 44 Volumes except titles currently out of stock.
CA residents add 8.0% tax.

- Other Works about George MacDonald -

George MacDonald and His Wife $100.00...(Sorry, no further discount, only a few volumes left)
Printed November 1998, Publisher Johannesen, Author Greville MacDonald
Hardbound 575 pages.
A MacDonald family chronicle written by the oldest son, Greville, and published in 1924 on the occasion of the centenary of George MacDonald's birth. Greville fondly recalls his impressions of both his father and mother together with reminiscences of his ten siblings. Both tone and style convey the Victorian atmosphere of this remarkable nineteenth century family. This is one source indispensable to all subsequent biographies. 16 pages of old photos of GMD, his family, art and environs. Handsome hardbound edition.

George MacDonald In The Pulpit $50.00...(Sorry, currently out of stock)
A Top Favourite of JPP...with Very Rare Periodicals!
Sourced from original publications, compiled by J. Flynn and D. Edwards, proofed against the original publications by Johannesen.
Third Printing 2009, Publisher Johannesen. Hardbound 376 pages.
During his lifetime, George MacDonald published five volumes of Unspoken sermons. But in addition to the Unspoken sermons, MacDonald preached hundreds of live or spoken sermons throughout Great Britain, Europe and the United States. These sermons, often recorded in shorthand, were published in Victorian periodicals and magazines of the day. George MacDonald in the Pulpit is a collection of nearly two dozen "spoken" sermons, recorded live, as they were delivered, more than 100 years ago. These sermons are unedited so they retain all the power and emotion of George MacDonald the preacher. Handsome hardbound Edition.

George MacDonald: Victorian Mythmaker $50.00. (Sorry, currently out of stock)
Printed Spring 1999, Publisher Johannesen, Author Rolland Hein
Hardbound 406 pages.
A full and authoritative biography widely praised for the depth of its understanding of George MacDonald's character and achievement. Drawing
especially upon the several thousand family letters held by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, together with a careful reading of all MacDonald's writings, Hein presents a thorough and moving account of George MacDonald's life and career. He shows how the spiritual power of MacDonald's works spring from a life lived in complete dedication to God. 16 pages of old photos of GMD, his family, art and environs. Handsome hardbound edition.

Lilith-A Variorum Edition $50.00 (Sorry, no discount available)
A 2-Volume Set of the original George MacDonald manuscripts, Lilith drafts B, C, D, E, compiled by Rolland Hein. Considered a thorough-critical study of Lilith that MacDonald repeatedly wrote, making many changes until finalizing manuscript F, the published edition-see above SERIES 4, Lilith, first and final manuscripts A and F duplexed in 1 volume.
Printed 1998, Publisher Johannesen.
Handsome hardbound editions. Volume l-431 pages, Volume ll-380 pages.

Images of His World $50.00 (Sorry, no discount available)
Printed 2004 by Pasture Spring Press, Photographs Larry E. Fink, Biography Rolland Hein.
Hardbound 110 pages.
A beautiful hardbound photo book of MacDonald's life journey and where he lived. Following the author's trail of his homes and haunts starting in
Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland where the seed of writing began with George's own experiences. Colourful, dramatic photos of Great Britain and Europe's historic and ancient surrounds where MacDonald traversed. Larry Fink's camera skills with Rolland Hein's narrating skills weave a picturesque tale of our beloved poet's life.

George MacDonald, Selections From His Greatest Works $15.00 (a helpful and affordable read!)
(Sorry, no discount available)

Compiled by David Neuhouser, Professor of Mathematics, Taylor University, Upland, IN
Publisher: 2005, Third Printing by Johannesen. Paperback.
A fine sampling of quotations for the newcomer and the devotee to MacDonald's writings with words to help in times of need.

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