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A brief summary of each title by George MacDonald ...

Series I

What's Mine's Mine- Reprinted from the 1892 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. Early 1800's Scotland dramatizes the historical events of land ownership and use among the Highlanders and how they faced what's mine's mine. (Some dialect)

Sir Gibbie- Reprinted from the 1902 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. The classic Scottish story of a street orphan in early 1800's and his adventures growing up. Suffering leading to faith and love impacts the reader. (Some dialect)

Donal Grant- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. A mystery is solved within the stone walls of a Scottish castle, but not before much deception, drugs and evil intent is exposed. (Some dialect)

Castle Warlock- Reprinted from the 1890 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. Mystery, adventure and romance faces a young Scottish lad with the fate of inheriting his Scottish castle. Pushes through obstacles with wee faith. (Some dialect)

A Rough Shaking- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. A young boy's parents die in an earthquake destining him to an orphans' life. Sensitivity to animals brings about his survival. A tender drama.

There and Back- Reprinted from the 1891 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. The mystery finding unknown parents sends a young man searching while working as a tutor & librarian in an old manor. Love and jealousy clash for answers.

Series II

At The Back Of The North Wind- Reprinted from the 1886 Edition with 12 colour plates of the 1910 Blackie edition by Frank C. Papé.

A Victorian Novel. The classic interplay between imagination and reality sweeps a young boy off his feet, literally! North Wind purposes greater belief in the supernatural on each adventure.

Paul Faber- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. Theology, preaching, atheism, mystery, heartache, and romance fills up this true to life drama situated in a small English village. Extended intellectual reading.

The Vicar's Daughter- Reprinted from the 1899 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. The third book in sequence with Seaboard Parish (2nd) and Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood (1st). Narrating main character is the Vicar's Daughter, recalling her life story.

Guild Court- Reprinted from the 1888 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. A cast of characters, from the street orphan to the lawyer, interact towards an end where they choose the path of faith, or else...

Home Again/ The Elect Lady (A DUPLEX)- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

Victorian-Era Novels. Home Again; a prodigal son type leaves home for something better. To return home? The Elect Lady deals with levels of idolatry. Both novels struggle for true love.

Series III

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood- Reprinted from the 1911 Edition with 12 colour plates by A.V. Wheelhouse and the original black and white text illustrations by Arthur Hughes.

A Victorian Novel. The Kelpie, a monster of fear, strategically attacks the characters in this daring family novel. Who will win out?

The Princess and the Goblin- Reprinted from the 1911 Edition with 12 colour plates by Helen Stratton and the original black and white text illustrations by Arthur Hughes.

A Victorian Fairy Tale. MacDonald's sparkling tale where children of the light battle darkness of the underground world. The Princess and Curdie is the sequel. A must for all ages.

The Princess and Curdie- Reprinted from the 1910 Edition with 12 colour plates by Helen Stratton and the original black and white text illustrations by Arthur Hughes.

A Victorian Fairy Tale. Sequel to The Princess and the Goblin, with dynamic interplay between real good versus evil masking itself as good. Excellent personality traits study for all ages.

The Light Princess And Other Fairy Tales- Reprinted from the 1893 Edition with black and white line art and half-tone illustrations by Maud Humphrey.

Victorian-Era Fairy Tales. The Light Princess: A drama of opposites. A princess born with little body weight is faced to live life alone, unless she changes her way of feeling. Other Fairy Tales: A selection of tales with imaginative views of the real Fairy World, visible only to those who believe, stories include: The Giant's Heart, The Shadows, Cross Purposes, The Golden Key, The Carasoyn, Little Daylight

The Wise Woman/ Gutta Percha Willie (A Duplex)- Reprinted from the 1886/1901 Edition

Victorian Novels. The Wise Woman; what is a true princess like? a must for all parents, parents to be, and children ages 7 thru adult. Gutta Percha Willie; a young lad discovers he's a working genius.

Series IV

Phantastes- Original Printing 1905 Edition with the black and white illustrations by Arthur Hughes.

A Victorian-Era Fantasy. MacDonald's first faery romance awakens fairy land adventures to a young man coming of age 21. Battles with fear, disobedience, romance stir his need for the divine.

Adela Cathcart- Reprinted from the First Edition of 1864

A Victorian Novel. A young lady of 20 yrs. facing physical decline finds restoration from friends forming a story-telling club, sparking inner faith and true love.

Lilith A and Lilith Published Edition (A Duplex)- Reprinted from the1890 Original Manuscript and the1896 Published Edition

A Victorian Fantasy. Lilith, MacDonald's last fantasy work powerfully suggests dark self discoveries in another world. Redemption is difficult to the self purposed soul. Complex symbolism.

The Portent and Other Stories- Reprinted from the 1909 Edition

Victorian-Era Short Stories. The Portent speaks of the highlanders 2nd sight; myth or inner vision? Other Stories are equally compelling with a heart of compassion for the hurting.

Stephen Archer And Other Tales- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

Victorian-Era Short Stories. Stephen Archer; a simple tale of loving the weak by being strong. Other Tales with adventurous imagination stimulates higher thoughts, including the classic Gifts Of The Child Christ.

Flight of the Shadow- Reprinted from the 1902 Edition

A Victorian-Era English Novel. A mystery surrounds an inheritance that stirs imaginations to seeing a hidden shadow. Who/What is it? True love is at the heart of the matter.

Series V

Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood- Reprinted from the 1867 Edition

A Victorian-Era English Novel. Written in the first person about the annals of a Vicar in the town of Marshmallows, recounting his experiences mingled with mystery and romance.

Sequels: The Seaboard Parish and The Vicar's Daughter.

Seaboard Parish- Reprinted from the 1869 Edition

A Victorian-Era English Novel. A Sequel to Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, written in the first person during the 'Victorian-Era'. The narrator describes the history of a year during part of which he took charge of a friend's parish, while his brother-n-law, Thomas Weir, who was the curate, took the entire charge of the town of Marshmallows.

Malcolm- Reprinted from the 1886 Edition

A Victorian Scottish Novel. The Classic 'Victorian-Era' novel that exposes the secret workings of common people with their landlords. This mysterious Scottish tale is written with some brogue, the commoners' language, which best describes their heart and soul.

The sequel is The Marquis of Lossie.

Marquis of Lossie- Reprinted from the 1887 Edition

A Victorian Scottish Novel. The classic sequel to Malcolm. During his stay in 'Victorian Era' London, Malcolm's sea-town home in Scotland is threatened by mysterious scandal. His family devotion and an uncompromising romance brings favourable rewards.

Alec Forbes of Howglen- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel, largely autobiographical, relating to Huntly, Aberdeenshire, where MacDonald was born: he spent his boyhood at Upper Pirriesmill, the 'Howglen' of the novel. A dramatic story of adventure and endearing romance.

Lewis Carroll recorded in his diary, Jan. 16, 1866, that he found the story very enjoyable, and the character of Annie Anderson one of the most delightful in fiction. 'The Scotch dialect, too, is pleasant enough when one gets a little used to it.'

Rampolli- Reprinted from the 1897 Edition

Victorian-Era Poety, Verse, Prose...; RAMPOLLI: growths from a long-planted root, being translations, new and old, chiefly from the German; along with A Year's Diary of an Old Soul. By George MacDonald.

Series VI

Hope of the Gospel / Miracles of our Lord-( A DUPLEX)-

Hope of the Gospel- Reprinted from the 1892 Edition

Victorian-Era Sermons. Contains twelve sermons which are all on New Testament texts of the Bible: eight from Matthew, two from Luke, and one each from Mark and Romans.

Miracles of our Lord- Reprinted from the 1870 Edition

Theological discussions on the miracles of Jesus Christ. MacDonald says "there are harder things to believe than miracles...a man is not required to believe in miracles save as believing in Jesus."

Mary Marston- Reprinted from the 1881 Edition

A Victorian-Era English Novel. Mary Marston leaves her father's draper shop in search of a different life style. Her unfavourable discoveries awaken new hope for success in returning to her father's shop.

Robert Falconer- Reprinted from the 1880 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. Largely autobiographical-characters portraying MacDonald's boyhood acquaintances in Scotland. As a man, Robert Falconer, aids the poor and destitute in London. Written with some Scottish dialect.

David Elginbrod- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. Hugh Sutherland, working as a classical and mathematic tutor for a Scottish laird's family, in turn learns love, life and a right relationship with God from David Elginbrod, a humble cottar and his family, who also work for the laird. Written with some Scottish dialect.

Tragedie of Hamlet- Reprinted from the 1905 Edition

A Victorian-Era Drama-Study. The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: a study of the text of the folio of 1623. By George MacDonald.

[Motto] : "What would you, gracious figure?"

Dr. Greville MacDonald looks on his father's commentary as the "most important interpretation of the play ever written.. It is his intuitive understanding...rather than learned analysis-of which there is yet overwhelming evidence-that makes it so splendid."

Series VII

Heather and Snow / Far Above Rubies-( A DUPLEX)

Heather and Snow- Reprinted from the 1896 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel. A delightful romance between child-mates growing up amongst the heather and snowy hillsides of Scotland. The class system separates the two friends but the love for truth wins in the end. Written with vigorous vernacular.

Far Above Rubies- Reprinted from the 1899 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. A fine story revealing the heart of a virtuous woman. Her price is far above rubies. With Faith as her guide, she strengthens her house-hold, opening her mouth with wisdom and the law of kindness upon her tongue. She rejoices in times to come.

Weighed and Wanting- Reprinted from the 1882 Edition

A Victorian--Era Novel. The problems of courtship within a Victorian Era family threatens for an unsuitable marriage. After a great deal of discord, the struggles make way for a family reunion.

Salted With Fire- Reprinted from the 1900 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. The novel of a young man aspiring for the work of a minister. An impulsive romance seemingly interferes with his ministry and after much salting with fire the two are genuinely united. Written with some Scottish dialect.

A Dish of Orts- Reprinted from the 1895 Edition

Victorian-Era Essays. Published as chiefly papers on the imagination and on Shakespere. An enlarged edition of Orts.

England's Antiphon- Reprinted from the 1890 Edition

Victorian-Era Literature Essay. "In this book I have sought to trace the course of our religious poetry from an early period of our literary history. My chief aim will show itself to have been the mediating towards an intelligent and cordial sympathy betwixt my readers and the writers from whom I have quoted. In this I have some confidence." GMD

Series VIII

Unspoken Sermons, First, Second, and Third Series in one volume reprinted from the1866, 1885, 1889 Editions.

Victorian-Era Sermons. Greek inscription of title pages of originals= 'Wingless words' "These Ears of Corn, gathered and rubbed in my hands upon broken Sabbaths, I offer first to my Wife, and then to my other Friends." Geroge MacDonald.

Wilfrid Cumbermede- Reprinted from the 1872 Edition

A Victorian-Era Scottish Novel, subtitled, "An autobiographical story". An autobiographical story about a young man growing up with mysteries concerning his ancestry. Adventures unfold his true identity while visiting Moldwarp Hall's armory, the library and a young woman named Clara.

Thomas Wingfold, Curate- Reprinted from the 1886 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. This novel which has a sequel in "Paul Faber" is the story of a young clergyman who enters the church simply as a profession.

St. George and St. Michael- Reprinted from the1878 Edition

A Victorian-Era Novel. "A semi-historical novel about the English Civil War in the 17th Century over differences of religious worship. Events take place within a fortified castle that holds magical intrigue. The characters thoughts are challenged by the powers of persuasion. "Whoever cares to distinguish the bones of fact from the drapery of invention in the foregone tale will find them all in Mr. Dirck's 'Life of the Marquis of Worcester'." GMD

Poetical Works Volume 1.- Reprinted from the 1893 Edition

Victorian-Era Poetry.

Poetical Works Volume 2.- Reprinted from the1893 Edition

Victorian-Era Poetry. "I hope, with you, I shall not have to change much in my new edition of poems. It is very troublesome, but one cannot let wrongness of any kind willingly pass." George MacDonald to Carey Davies (Publisher?)

Other Works by or about George MacDonald

George MacDonald and His Wife- New! November-1998- $26.00

Reprinted from the 1924 Edition

A biograhy of George and Louisa MacDonald written by their eldest son, Greville MacDonald. A handsome hardbound reprint of the original edition by Allen & Unwin, London, known as a MacDonald family chronicle with many old photos. A must to all subsequent biographies!

George MacDonald in the Pulpit- First time in collective print by Johannesen-$26.00.

Original Publication Dates range from 1871-1901. First Reprinting, 1996, Second Reprinting, 1999

"A rare collection of live sermons & misc. gems recorded in shorthand, published in Victorian periodicals and magazines of the day and now unearthed after years of searching." J.Flynn.

George MacDonald: Victorian Mythmaker- New Reprint from Johannesen, 1999! $26.00

Author and Professor Rolland Hein

A full and authoritative biography widely praised for the depth of its understanding of George MacDonald's character and achievement. Drawing especially upon the several thousand family letters held by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Libray, together with a careful reading of all MacDonald's writings, Hein presents a thorough and moving account of George MacDonald's life and career. He shows how the spiritual power of MacDonald's works spring from a life lived in complete dedication to God.

Lilith - A Variorum Edition- First Printing, 1997, by Johannesen- 2 Volume Hardbound Set-$48.00

Original Manuscripts of Lilith B, C - Volume 1 . Original Manuscripts of Lilith D, E - Volume 2

Edited by Rolland Hein

George MacDonald - Selections From His Greatest Works- Second Printing, 1997 by Johannesen-Paperback-$6.00

Compiled by David Neuhouser

A fine sampling of quotations for the newcomer to MacDonald's writings with poignant words that can be drawn upon to help one in situations needing a decision.

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